Papers, papers, papers

Ahoy Penultimate users! Today is a huge day, because I get to share Penultimate version 3.0 with you. This update has been in progress for a long time, and I think you’re going to like it— a whole new dimension of uses has opened up for the app.

You can now import any image to use as a template in creating a paper to use in your notebooks. Practicing your Chinese characters? Composing new percussion riffs? Creating user interface mockups? You can just pull in your template image from your iPad Photos library.

Your papers will look classy, like they’re really part of the notebook. To create your own, tap the “+” icon in the paper menu.

You can import any paper you like, but for convenient to-do lists, day planners, or music staff paper, or primary school writing paper, check out The Paper Shop, a brand new little shop inside the app. You’ll find a number of useful (and fun) paper collections for quick purchase and download.

Here’s a short video showing off the new features of Penultimate 3.0.

(Want to use that film storyboard paper I created in the video? If you’re using your iPad, just tap here to download and import it into Penultimate.)

I’m very excited about this release. The ability to bring in custom paper is going to make Penultimate a whole lot more useful for many users. I’m also hoping that the ability to share any paper you’ve created will enable a community to grow around papers for the app.

UPDATE: If you do create papers and would like to share with the community, we’re cooking up a centralized place for people to go do that. It’s still under development, but send me an email ([email protected]) if you have papers you’d like to share.

UPDATE 2: We’re making some changes to The Paper Shop based on user feedback. Please read the additional info here.


(Hint: when building your own templates, try 718×865 as the image resolution.)

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